Sunday, October 24, 2010

I know, I know. Another Blog.

Okay so I realize I have had a few different blog projects and not all of them have worked out (perhaps the Mexican food one was a bit ambitious.)

However, I really think this one is going to work because it involves several things that I love:

1. Delicious food
2. blogging
3. photography

So, the plan is to use this blog to share recipes that I love... but MOST OF ALLLLLLLLLLLLL it is to have an excuse to get together with all my lovely friends at least once a month!!! The plan is to have a "blog food partay" one Sunday a month where we will come to my house and eat together and then I will blog it! Doesn't it sound amazing?? I think it will be a good excuse for us all to come together in love and friendship :)

Well, can't wait! I'll have a blog debut party coming up here pretty soon, and then we'll keep it going! I realize I could be moving any time, but the blog and the parties will follow me wherever I go.

Stay tuned for the debut details.



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