Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Royal Rice Krispie Treats

Royal Rice Krispie Treats

I know what you're thinking. Really? A recipe for rice krispie treats? Can't you just read that off the back of the cereal box?

Well, my friend, you can do that - if you are willing to live a life of mediocrity. However, if you want life-changing, habit-forming, waistline-expanding deliciousness... you may just have to try the recipe below. 

Royal Rice Krispie Treats

1 lb. butter
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. brown sugar
1 lb. bag marshmallows
15-16 cups rice krispies

Before you start, this recipe makes massive amounts of rice krispies (two cookie sheets worth). While I've never had a problem eating this many... you may want to cut the recipe in half if you're just making them for yourself.

To start off, pour the cereal into a large bowl (make sure there is extra room to stir in the marshmallow mixture later). Prepare two cookie sheets by spraying them with nonstick cooking spray. Combine the butter, sugar, and brown sugar in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a gentle boil, and let boil until the mixture begins to caramelize. Remove from heat, and add the marshmallows. Stir together until marshmallows are completely melted. Pour the marshmallow mixture over the rice krispies and stir until the cereal is evenly coated. Divide half the rice krispie mixture into each cookie sheet, and use nonstick-cooking-spray-covered hands to spread the rice krispies into each sheet. Allow to harden (or not) and enjoy!

P.S. This recipe will make you famous. You may feel like a drug dealer when people start calling you up and asking you for a "fix." Don't worry, it's normal.


  1. oooh those look tasty! A must for the cabin! :)

  2. So true! These made into Julie's cookbook! They are that delicious! My most requested dessert!